Our Values

Environmental Stewardship

Call it organic, regenerative, low to no-till, sustainable, local. These are the practices that care for the land we grow and raise food on.

Human Stewardship

Call it worker rights, labor ethics, fair wages and hours, working conditions, land access. These are the practices that care for our agricultural and food workers.

Health + Taste

Call it healthy, nutrient dense, tasty, culturally significant, flavorful. These are the practices that care for and prioritize creating healthy and tasty food; the reason we eat in the first place.

Fair + Just Distribution

Call it food sovereignty, food access, food security, food justice, good food equity. These are the practices that ensure food checking all other three boxes is available to everyone.

Food that meets these values is a human right. If anyone is excluded then we haven’t finished creating the best food system we can create.

Get to Know the Team

Co-Founder and COO

Meet Alex

Alex is pursing a Masters in Food Cultures and Mobility at University of Gastronomic Sciences and has over 6 years of experience working with local and international food organizations.

"Over the past 5 years, I've spent a lot of time listening to food system workers, reading, writing and cultivating an understanding of what goes into getting food to our tables. While on this journey I've realized that the vast majority of the foods available to us don't meet core ethical values of mine. Things like not exploiting humans or irreparably damaging the environment. These are basic standards that shouldn't even be in question. This led me to learn about and volunteer with a lot of great organizations and people that are trying to improve the food system and create fundamental shifts in how our food is grown and distributed. I want to continue supporting them and help make it widely understood that we have some work to do in rebuilding a food system for everyone that isn't systemically rotten at its core. I love connecting people and I want to see a future where exchange is ethical and we can eat in peace knowing that what we're eating is good for us, the environment and the people who grew it."

Co-Founder and CEO

Meet Emily

Emily studied Fashion Business Management at the Fashion Institute of Technology and has 9 years of experience in the fashion industry working in both corporate and start up environments.

"I started my career in the fashion industry in NYC and quickly realized it wouldn’t be easy to find a company with values that aligned with my own. Two years ago I left my corporate job and moved to Hawaii to work on an organic farm, learn something new, reset and re-prioritize. Since then I’ve been freelancing and working in the Farm-to-Table space. This has expanded my love for fresh, locally sourced food, connecting with people over food, and building community.

I’m excited to take a fresh approach on creating product and doing business in a way that I can feel good about while combining my new passion for farming and food systems.”